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Topacio Marrero

Afro-Dominican social advocate, mother, writer, researcher and poet. Topacio's writing focuses on conscious parenting, culture, identity, social justice issues, and mindfulness. Her writings are featured in Blavity, HuffPost, ChangeWire, Vocal Media, Urban Wellness Magazine and Ain't I Latina. Her first book will be released in November 2019 titled "Awakening Poetry". 

Topacio's passion is working with underserved families while researching and teaching simple everyday practices they can utilize to their liking. Topacio grew tired of entering so-called mindful spaces that were not racially inclusive nor did they understand our experiences. Therefore, she has been on a mission to create an authentic mindful space for those with shared experiences as people of color.    

She is a certified children's yoga teacher, mindful listener for students in Title 1 elementary schools, a conscious parenting enthusiast and a Social & Emotional Learning facilitator.   

Topacio was born and raised in Washington Heights, NYC and what she teaches doesn't come just from the textbooks, it comes from a lived experience and awakenings.